Duel of the Democrats in Iowa (by Oliver Munakash)

Bernie Sanders pulls ahead of Clinton for the first time in Iowa while O’Malley is out of the race.  According to realclearpolitics.com Sanders is ahead of Clinton by .2 percent.  As we get closer to the Iowa Caucuses will Sanders be able to pull through and win Iowa or will Clinton find ways to get ahead of Sanders?  If Sanders wins the Caucuses it could boost his national poll numbers by a significant amount.  In my opinion Sanders has the upper hand in the Caucuses.  Right now he has the momentum on his side even though his losing by a lot in national polls.  If Sanders keeps gaining at the rate I think he can win the nomination.

– Oliver Munakash

How the Iowa Caucuses Came to Be


“The one-sentence history of the Iowa caucuses goes like this: It’s all Jimmy Carter’s fault.

The unknown Southern governor came to Iowa, over-performed in the 1976 caucuses, garnered national attention and went on to win the presidency, thereby cementing Iowa’s place at the front of the nominating process.

That’s not wrong, but it’s not the full story.” (Des Moines Register)

Jimmy Carter in Iowa

Jimmy Carter in Iowa

Check out the full story by listening to the Des Moines Register’s podcast “Three Tickets.”